Data Request

The information in the fine print on this page is significant.

General Information

We always strive to provide you with first-class services and use various options for storing personal and anonymized data for this purpose. Information about how we store, process, and share specific data can be found here in our Data Protection Declaration.

If you would like us to share the data that we hold about you, you must agree to our storing your email address to send you the required data and fill out the form below:

As an alternative to the form below, you may also send us your information request to or by mail: Victorum Capital Inc., to the attention of: Administration of the General Data Protection Regulation, 2102-58 Keefer Place, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 0B6, Canada.

Processing Notes

For your security, we will not respond to you via unencrypted email, but by phone, fax, or letter. Your personal advisor is always available for contact and will review your request immediately!

We will make every effort to resolve your questions as quickly as possible to ensure data confidentiality and to earn your trust. If your request cannot be processed within five business days, we will notify you.

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